Saturday, February 12, 2011

Another year, another list

I'm ashamed to come back only to provide you with this nothing post but that's how it is. As many have and will do, I share my "I can't wait", "I'm very interested" and "I'll probably see this" 2011 thoughts.
My most anticipated movies of 2011 are:

1) Mildred Pierce
2) Carnage
3) We Need to Talk About Kevin
4) A Dangerous Method
5) Shame
6) Hugo Cabret
7) Wuthering Heights
8) Jane Eyre
9) The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
10) The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel
11) Melancholia
12) The Deep Blue Sea
13) Drive
14) The Iron Lady
15) My Week with Marilyn
16) Midnight in Paris
17) Pariah
18) One Day
19) The Moth Diaries
20) This Must Be the Place
21) The Descendants
22) Young Adult
23) Take Shelter

OK, so Mildred Pierce is a TV movie. Yeah, but, who cares, right?
I hear you, Carnage is set for 2012 so far, you say. Well, I think (and hope, duh) this will change.
Two Winslets at the two highest places you say? But.. don't you know me at all?
My love for actresses is the no1 reason for the high placement of movies no1,2,3 and partly 4 and 5.
Keira and Carey both get to be very talented AND co-star with Fassbender? Life's not fair, I tell ya.
I put Wuthering Heights above Jane Eyre not only because whenever I say it in my head, I recall (and start singing) Kate Bush's masterpiece, but also because I haven't read Heights and I haven't seen any film adaptations and to make a long story short I actually don't know anything about the story. OK, Bush kind of told me a few things and I vaguely remember stuff from things I've read about the book but everything will be pretty much be a surprise.
Two films by directors that are regarded as gods in the movie world, Tintin and Hugo Cabret are there because of many reasons. They pay me. No, unfortunately...
Well, I'm always willing to get interested in a Spielberg movie and this seems like it could be fun and... OK what's the story of Tintin again? I'm noit even sure I know enough things about this guy. Anyway, OK if it wasn't such a noisy project it would probably be lower or even out of the list but Spielberg is talented and the visuals impressed the silly kid that still hides somewhere in my mind (I'll get you or my ever-growing cynicism will kill you someday).
Hugo Cabret... Let's see. Scorsese interests me less than Spielberg, to be frank. But, I do respect his abilities and after watching a production of the play Red, I'm interested in Logan's (the screenwriter) work, too. Plus, 3D can be nice in the right hands.

And now let's throw some Oscar thoughts because, why not?

So, for Best Picture I think the movies that stand a chance are Hugo Cabret, Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, with A Dangerous Method and The Best Exotic... not being out of the game.
Hugo Cabret is Scorsese etc
Heights and Jane Eyre are British Literature, sure-to-be impessive visually and the directors, now, are not unknown entities. And Mia and the ubiquity of Fassbender will help Jane Eyre, I think.

Best Actress and Supporting Actress posibilities (I'm all for the girls first, especially when I know my bed is calling me): Well, to be honest, every woman that is either famous already or has a big role. Except maybe fot Tilda, who just can't catch a break with the Academy most of the time. But I still hope.
Keira and Carey surely will be noticed for their work in films that will get attention. OK, I just thought about the Mulligan case. Shame and Drive might not interest the Academy that much. So, yeah, I guess the best way to put it is: IF her film(s) get noticed, she will probably get noticed herself, which is like saying if you eat candy, you'll have eaten its ingredients as well. Think harder James!
Anyway, I'm more confident about Keira, because Christopher Hampton has written the play (and the script? I think so) on which the script of A Dangerous Method is based on. And Hampton is an Oscar guarantee, because Cheri got nominations for everything... I mean, seriously, do I even have the slightest idea of what I'm talking about?
Let's just say that my instincts tell me Keira has a better shot than Carey. All things being equal, obviously.
Streep, of course, is in the race but this is like every years awards story so, for now, let's just leave it at that.
Michelle Williams might go for an impressive so-soon third nomination as the goddess Marilyn.
Rachel Weisz is looking good on paper and finally...
Judi Dench and Maggie Smith, please come back into the race! James loves you!
I think they (Judi for any of her three movies) have a shot. When I say "three" I'm counting the ones that appear on my list. Not that something would change if I had said "four", including the Pirates thing...

So, not a great comeback, but a loud one. See you when I'll see you :)