Saturday, September 24, 2011

She's a mess. A brilliant mess.

OK, so, Jane Adams. Actually, Jane Adams in Hung. I suspect that if the show as good as she is, her role would be iconic.
She manages to always be exciting to watch even if it should have been easy for us to get tired of a character that intense and weird and often pathetic.
Adams doesn't go for subtlety and totally proves that a character can be caricature-like but still feel real, smart, wounded and struggling to live in her own world no matter what.

And quite simply, it's beautiful to watch an actor try that hard and know how to do it.

So, my obvious demand: Give her a movie!

Honorable mentions to:

Rebecca Creskoff  for creating a character that feels realistically two-dimensional. Some people are always thinking about how to survive no matter whose dead body they'll have to step over and Creskoff is not afraid to channel that mentality without unnecessarily complicating things.

Anne Heche for being interesting even if, on page, her character is a shallow cliche.

Best In Show? Really? Me?

Saturday, September 10, 2011

I do see movies sometimes

I hate to talk about movies when I haven't formed an strong opinion on them but it's been so long..

Very brief thoughts on:

The Tree Of Life

I didn't get it. Maybe no one did. Still, I felt a unique quality and when it was over, I was in a mood no other movie has ever put me in. I felt connected to my physical and spiritual surroundings not in an uplifting way but as if I was able to accept and appreciate more what I had been given. It wasn't as strong as that but it was a strange and welcome feeling.

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2

I really like the books and watching this movie meant much more to me that it did for other people which is certainly one of the reasons I cried. More than once! But still, I wouldn's have cries if I thought it was a bad movie. I quite liked it. The performances were solid, the atmosphere was as bleak as it should be and the script was fine. Not a great movie but a pretty impressive finale for this magical series.

Taste Of Cherry

Not sure how I feel about it yet. I'm still trying to decide if it actually makes an interesting statement on life's worth or anyhting at all. It does feel like it has a reason to exist if only to remind us of some things we tend to forget. Good and bad.

About Elly

I don't think I know what exactly happened in this movie but I appreciated the way it focused on when, why and how easily people lie to each other. That's what I mostly cared about and the fact that it was well-made.

Sometimes it's about the girls

There are some performances given by a bunch of young (or younger) actresses that I really can't wait to see regardless of the degree of my interest in the movies they're in.

Yup, list time.

Carey Mulligan Shame

I keep reading wonderful things. I really liked her in An Education and she seems to be great in a different way in "Shame" which is just amazing news!

Glenn Close Alber Nobbs

People seem to really like the performance and it's in the Oscar conversation so I have many reasons to want to see this.

Meryl Streep The Iron Lady

Too obvious!

Kate Winslet Carnage

Even more so!

Elizabeth Olsen Martha Marcy May Marlene

Great reviews for the film and the performance. Plus, I really liked the trailer.

Tilda Swinton We Need To Talk About Kevin

In the "too obvious" category as well.

Mia Wasikowska Jane Eyre

I hear she's wonderful. The same about the film.

Michelle Williams My Week With Marilyn

Good actress. Oscar potential. Intriguing match of actress and role. Anything could happen.

Rachel Weisz The Deep Blue Sea

Haven't read/seen the play but it seems like a good role for a good actress.

Vanessa Redgrave Coriolanus

The things I read! I'm expecting her to floor me!

Janet McTeer Albert Nobbs

A talented actress who, I read, is pretty good in the movie.

Judi Dench My Week With Marilyn

I'm not familiar with Dame Sybil Thorndike but a Dame playing another Dame is pretty interesting, especially when you love one of them. And I do. I love you Judi!

"You mean I'm not enough??"