Thursday, June 24, 2010

The dependables: Hitchcock and Pixar

I watched two films and I'm here to talk about them blah blah (I'm not very imaginative :p)

The 39 Steps

I love Hitchcock and it would be really hard for me not to enjoy this movie but I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed. I liked it but I found it more of a technically successful film than a strong experience. I would have liked to care more about the romance and the mystery wasn't that engaging. Still, a good movie.


Toy Story 3

No, you're not on a different blog. That's me commenting on a new film!

Well, I can't say my life has changed or that I'm still crying like a baby (or Big Baby) but I sure enjoyed it. It was witty, funny, pretty to look at, touching and careful about details (script- and animation-wise). I have a few problems with the use of story tricks (like it's the only Pixar movie using formulas..) such as "we're going to make the good guy help the bad one but the bad one is going to..." etc but on the whole I thought it was pretty good.


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I've missed you too

It feels good to be back after 10 years! It wasn't that long? Really? Any way.

In case you thought I saw a new release and came here to talk about it.. Do you even know me?? :p

I watched The Scarlet Empress and I liked it a lot.

I liked the visuals, the music, the acting and the story. I only give it a 7/10 but I'm not sure why. I'm surely difficult but I find it odd that I can't give it at least an 8/10.

There are so many things in this movie to get you excited. The difference between an idea of a world of silly rules regarding one's behavor and how that world actually works. It was a great gift to watch Dietrich show how her character changes over the course of the movie. I liked the Empress's cynisism and practical mind. So many things.

I think my favorite part is the sexual innuendoes. This 1934 movie is sexier than many erotic films I've seen. Which are.. zero. Of course.

This was my first Sternberg movie and it made me want more although I think this is regarded as his best or second best or something.