Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Who's bad?

Do you remember the last shot of Norman Bates where he has a smile on his face because he believes (actually, "she", the mother believes) he has found a way to fool everyone?

Well, that same look (though less creepy) is on Marion Crane's face when, while driving, she realizes that even if she is in a dangerous situation, she has managed to do what they didn't expect. She has taken the money and the poor people who thought they knew her are right where she left them, wondering how that thing could have happened.

We first see her worried but a moment later she lets herself feel proud because, for once, she acted like a clever, nasty girl and is pretty close to getting away with it. Well, let's leave it at that so that we won't rain on the poor girl's parade.

PS: Yes, I can post pictures of people who are not named "Leigh". I just don't want to ;)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

I'm not. that. innocent

If we were to compare Blanche to an animal, a delicate kitten in need would seem quite right. And indeed, she tries to make clear she needs people to take care of her.
Thornton Wilder had told Williams that Blanche is too complex a character for the stage. Williams replied: "But Thornton... People are complex."

So, as fragile as Blanche may be, she's not only that. In this scene, she is reminded of the desire that forced her to leave Oriel in the form of a young boy. At first, she's not sure how to react because we're all a little slow when we have just woken up. But awake she now is and after a few moments we see this kitty transforming into a panther and employing all her tricks to capture the little deer, though she soon realises she can't really do much with it..him.

If Blanche were a recovering alcoholic who, in the beginning of the film is sober and trying to stay that way, this shot captures the moment she is presented with a glass of wine. Or, as she might say: The tarantula has just spotted a fly.