Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Hear them roar

"Bad girls, bad girls. Watcha gonna do, whatcha gonna do when they come for you."

A heavenly creature indeed!

A year (and a day) has passed since the day the "greatest actress of her generation" finally won that naked golden guy. While some people think she is overrated, thankfully, they don't exist in my mind. Words fail me when I try to describe her sheer awesomness. Is she the new Christ? Is she God him/herself? Am I pushing it? Well, this blog adores her and celebrates her Oscar's birthday.

"Being a goddess is so stressful! Must. Smoke"

Monday, February 22, 2010

The near future and its gifts

I feel like sharing my thoughts on which films of 2010 I am most looking forward to.


It's a film about... I have no idea. I think no one does. Christopher Nolan (the director and screenwriter) doesn't want us to know much about it. Something about a plan that might change the Earth. The trailer is promising and the cast is pretty impressive with DiCaprio and Cotillard leading the film.

Never Let Me Go

Based on a book that I enjoyed. Carey Mulligan and Keira Knightley together! What do I hear? Excitement? I knew it! The plot: They're in a "special" school (no, they're not mentally retarted) and there is a boy. You don't need more than that. Actually, what I described didn't help you at all. Trust me!

Alice In Wonderland

Do I have to say much? The interesting thing is that I'm not excited about any element of the movie in particular, but about the combination. Please, Mrs Nice Movie, don't disappoint me!


It's actually the famous Rapunzel story but for some reason they renamed it and it will be in 3D. Hey, I love a good animated movie. This one is supposed to have some originality to the animation. From what I've seen, it works perfectly. Let's hope the script is on the same level.

The Kids Are All Right

Annette Bening and Julianne Moore are a couple! That's interesting by itself but the film also has many critics backing it. It premiered at the Sundance Festival. Once again I will not write anything more about the plot. If you are not drooling by now, nothing I say will make a difference.

Blue Valentine

Depressing story about a couple (Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams) that is having some problems. Also from Sundance. Also supposedly very good. I really like these two guys.

We Need To Talk About Kevin

Based on a book that focuses on a mother who writes a letter to her ex husband regarding her late son's actions. Actions? What actions? Nothing too grave. He killed some students as well as himself. Yeap, it's strong stuff. And Tilda Swinton is in it. (The mother, in case you hadn't guessed)

All we hear is Radio Lady Gaga

There are some phenomena that are difficult to explain. Name two American acts that are doing as well internationally as they do in the USA. Lady Gaga aaaaand, no one else? Of course, when I say as well, I am only refering to those with big success. Not the ones that have average success in both the USA and the rest of the world.

If you look at the Billboard charts you will see only one American name that is loved outside the USA. (And what a name!) Why is that? Is her music more universal than that of others? Perhaps. But I think that a very important factor that led to her success was her unique style. She's confident, she's having fun, she works really hard on her videos and she has a weird taste in fashion (I bet you noticed that). She is not another Rap singer, nor another country singer and she is not another pop singer. She is a new category. Not because of her music but because of who she is as a whole.

One could compare her to Madonna. Sure, there are some similarities but Gaga seems different in that she does what she feels like doing. Her songs reflect her own experiences and if she seems provocative to some people, to me she seems true to herself.

Her rise to fame has been meteoric and that sometimes leads to a sudden fall. I can't predict the future but the present, inarguably, belongs to her.

"Where is the wolf? He and me could write a baaad romance"

The dawn of an era

Quite ambitious, I know. But why not?

I have to say that my English will be awful sometimes but you will forgive me. (I hope there will be a "you" to adress to)

This is another blog that focuses on the arts, you would think. Well, it's the first one that comes from me so it's like nothing you've seen before. That's a good thing, OK?

There is at least one person that will comment on my posts so that's encouraging. No, I don't pay her, she is just aware of my greatness! She is also quite lovely. Dammit, I hope you know who you are. :p

Let me say that I'm an Oscar addict and you will see a lot of Oscar-related posts.

I would like to comment on this year's nominees. I have to say, since Tilda Swinton isn't nominated, I am not that excited. There are some good movies and performances but I'm not in love with any of them. So the only two reasons for me to watch the ceremony are:

1) I have to. I must obey my nature.

2) Someone might punch James Cameron or touch the genitals of a winner. That would be pretty embarrassing! I hope it happens.

I would make some predictions but the important future winners are pretty predictable. I will say this. Carey Mulligan will win. Or not. But hey, if I'm right I will have the right to brag. I love that.

So, what do you, dear readers (OMG, I'm delusional) think will be the upset on Oscar night?

PS: Music posts will also come. This is Oscar season. You understand, right?