Monday, February 22, 2010

The dawn of an era

Quite ambitious, I know. But why not?

I have to say that my English will be awful sometimes but you will forgive me. (I hope there will be a "you" to adress to)

This is another blog that focuses on the arts, you would think. Well, it's the first one that comes from me so it's like nothing you've seen before. That's a good thing, OK?

There is at least one person that will comment on my posts so that's encouraging. No, I don't pay her, she is just aware of my greatness! She is also quite lovely. Dammit, I hope you know who you are. :p

Let me say that I'm an Oscar addict and you will see a lot of Oscar-related posts.

I would like to comment on this year's nominees. I have to say, since Tilda Swinton isn't nominated, I am not that excited. There are some good movies and performances but I'm not in love with any of them. So the only two reasons for me to watch the ceremony are:

1) I have to. I must obey my nature.

2) Someone might punch James Cameron or touch the genitals of a winner. That would be pretty embarrassing! I hope it happens.

I would make some predictions but the important future winners are pretty predictable. I will say this. Carey Mulligan will win. Or not. But hey, if I'm right I will have the right to brag. I love that.

So, what do you, dear readers (OMG, I'm delusional) think will be the upset on Oscar night?

PS: Music posts will also come. This is Oscar season. You understand, right?


  1. I m sorry to say that the Oscars this year present almost no interest..Very very few good movies(and of course I don't mean Avatar,people lets get serious please).
    ok,let's begin!
    Actor in a leading role.Hmm..That's hard.I'm divided between Jeff Bridges(who is one of my favorite actors)in "Crazy heart" and Colin Firth in "A single man".I haven't seen the first movie yet but the trailer seems quite promising and, afterall,self destructive characters are my thing!I can totally relate to that :P
    I have seen the film "A single man" and I was really impressed!Beautifully performed and not an easy role in my opinion.It s very difficult to balance things so that the result is not too melodramatic but still be able to move the spectator emotionally even if the situation it depicts is completely foreign to them.
    Now for actor in s supporting role I would prefer Christoph Waltz in “Inglourious Basterds”.I haven't seen the other films yet but I can't imagine how anyone could do better than him!
    Actress in a leading role.Now that's interesting!I would like to see the oscar go to one of the young ones(Carey Mulligan in “An Education” or Gabourey Sidibe in “Precious”). BUT!My prediction is that Sandra Bullock will be the winner..Don't know why :P.Meryl Streep is always amazing but “Julie & Julia” was nothing spercial so..We'll see!
    For actress in a supporting role i think Penelope Cruz will be the one walking out with an Oscar in her hands.However,if it were up to me to decide(what crazy things i can imagine right?)i would give the oscar to Mo’Nique.
    And mow it's time for a major complain!
    Animated Feature Film nominees suck!Where on earth is "Ponyo" and "Mary and Max"???It's a very pleasant surprise to see an outsider like “The Secret of Kells” being nominated but c'mon!!The two greatest animated films are not even nominated?Who comes up with that stuff?I would like to have a private chat with them..It won't hurt..much :P
    Ok,time for best direction..Anything but "Avatar"!Seriously the movie is nothing without the visual effects!Pocahontas is far better if you get what i mean :P
    I also don't see what the big deal is with "The hurt locker".But maybe it's just that i'm not into that US Army guns military bam boum stuff..
    Personal suggestion..Give the damn Oscar to "Precious".It's the best you ve got among those nominated,since no other direction seemed good enough for you wise men to add to the list!
    Finally the oscar for best picture goes to..(o dear God not avatar not avatar!please o mighty Lord)!!!I will simply ignore avatar once again(it will get the oscar for visual effects and that's more than enough for it)!
    My personal choices would be one of the following three:
    1.“The Blind Side”
    2.“An Education”
    but hey,i would settle even with “Inglourious Basterds” as long as “Avatar” doesn't get it!
    Well that's all the nominations I'm interested in.Looking forward to reading other opinions as well!
    P.S. Mr James Cameron if you re really concerned about the environment I suggest you give some of your money to organizations that work for these purposes rather than trying to sell out environmental awareness and concern..

  2. Dear Lalabel, thank you for sharing your thoughts with me (us?). I have one question. You think Cruz will win one year after her last win? That would be only the third time in the history of the Oscars. I doubt it. But Mo'Nique will win no matter what, so you will have at least one thing to be happy about.

    PS: Nylabel suits you more :p