Saturday, September 1, 2012

In Anticipation of movies and better ideas

I haven't been posting much recently but I think I have been writing that phrase quite a lot!
Anyway, I listed to list a list cause, you know, lists!!

This one is kind of more random than usual because it includes the remaining movies from 2012 I'm most interested to watch. Note that I mean the movies with a 2012 USA release date. No idea when they'll come to Greece. 

1) Lincoln
2) Les Misérables
3) Anna Karenina
4) Great Expectations
5) Zero Dark Thirty 
6) To the Wonder
7) The Master
8) Silver Linings Playbook
9) Rust & Bone 
10) Quartet
11) The Place Beyond the Pines
12) Amour
13) Argo
14) At Any Price

Lincoln is my first because Spielberg, Kushner, Daniel Day Lewis etc
Les Miz is my favorite musical (give or take Beauty and the Beast) without having seen it from start to finish. I just adoooorrrreee some of its songs. I'm just not entirely confident that it will work.
Anna Karenina is a classic novel and the director is someone you can't ignore, as is Keira!
Great Expectations is a book that has a character that has always fascinated me: Estella. I'm curious to see what the new embodiment of that Ice Queen has to offer.

I'm also really interested in finding out how Bigelow and her screenwriter have handled such a rich and complex story as the Bin Laden one is.


Sunday, July 1, 2012

A few words on a sentimental war epic.

I liked War Horse a lot and I have no guilts whatsoever.

It looked beautiful. It was epic.I loved how it depicted war not as a battle between good and bad guys but between people who, whichever side they belong to, at times are excited, scared, angry or generous.

Was it sentimental? Sure. But I can mostly forgive it for that because I think you have the right to show pure, unsubtle emotion when you have explored such grand sources of pain.

Can i say how grateful I am that they cast Niels Arestrup? Such an inspired choice. I think he gave the best performance in the film.

Movies like that should never stop getting made. We don't need only this kind of cinema but I would certainly miss it if it were gone.


Thursday, June 28, 2012

...or am I losing my mind?

Full disclosure: I liked the movie but not enough to see it again only for the purpose of choosing my favorite image so I just saw the first 10 minutes of it. I don't even recall the plot, but I think I remember what's important and that is that Joan is losing it in this movie.

I like this image because it seems as if the doctor is examining how well Joan is taking care of her nails.
Miss Crawford was an intimidating beauty and a true diva, less known for her acting skills (in comparison to Katherine Hepburn, Bette Davis etc) and more for her looks and charisma. You would expect her to care about looking gorgeous in every single movie she appeared in, but in the case of Possessed she seems more eager to showcase her craft than anything else.

So, it's funny, to me, that this image, in a way, alludes to Crawford's polished appearance, when the movie cares about anything but that.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I can't be wrong, can I?

You know what? Nathaniel is taking too long so I'm going to make some predictions for the Best Actress 2012 Academy Award myself.

So, without any doubt, the Best Actress nominees will be:

Keira Knightley for Anna Karenina

Carey Mulligan for The Great Gatsby

Kathleen Turner for A Perfect Family

Viola Davis for Won't Back Down

Marion Cotillard - Rust & Bone

I'm guessing that (which with all the guessing today?) you feel a bit confused about my Turner and Cotillard predictions, right?
Well, I'm certainly far less convinced I'm sure about these two guesses than the other three but
a) I want Turner to be nominated OK? I haven't seen the movie yet but that's beside the point.
b) Cotillard seems to be close to a nomination every year after since 2009 yet she still hasn't managed a second one and I think that her working with a director like Audiard will be helpful for her chances even if the movie is in french. Hey, she won for speaking french in a movie!
Re: Viola, I have no idea how good or baity her film will be, but really, she will probably be great and win this time. Unless they think Kathleen just can't afford to lose again.But judging by the trailer of her movie, it doesn't seem like the kind of film you win for.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sorry for being away and sorry for coming back movie-talk-less

Where. have. I. been??

Right here, actually. It's just that movies haven't been as big a part in my life the last whatever months as it used to be. Even during the Oscar season.

I know!!

I have actually no idea why I'm posting now except that, damnit, I've missed doing this.

I have seen some movies but I don't really feel like talking about them. Not that they were uninteresting (in  good or bad ways) but just..I dunno.

In case I had never mentioned it (and I know I haven't), I'm dreaming of writing plays. You know, like Streetcar and Pillowman. Only even better. (that was clearly a joke)
So, lately I've been more interested in reading plays and novels than watching (and especially thinking about) movies.

Sue me.
No, really, I feel I betrayed a part of me.

But I have no problem if someone wants to adapt one of my (future) plays into a film. See? I'm still working for you, movie lovers!

The thing is, I haven't been writing much. I'm always thinking about this story or that theme, but the paper (or the .doc file) is still blank.

If any one can give me advice, be my guest.

For now I'm just reading stuff and, inevitably, living my life.
I hope either or both of these things will provided me with the boost I need to start creating something that I will finish and will actually feel good about it.

It would be great if you shared some of your favorite plays and/or favorite movie adaptations of plays in the comments. Especially if they're not the obvious choices.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

No more pain. Goodbye.