Thursday, April 29, 2010

How can I say this?

I watched Une affaire de femmes recently and I didn't like it. The problem is, I don't know exactly why. I liked Huppert's performance and I thought the script was decent. I think my problem is the direction but what exactly?

I really hate it when this happens. If I had liked it, it would be easy for me to explain why. I thought the subject was very interesting. Each character had unique qualities and it was fascinating to watch them displaying them. The movie didn't take anyone's side. It let us think for ourselves. Blah blah blah.

The above comments are more or less true, but still, I didn't like the film. I didn't think it had anything artistic in it, I thought the rythme was weird and I thought it was lifeless and a little bored. I was watching things happening but I didn't feel that any of that mattered. It's kind of like watching a meaningless action movie and this movie certainly didn't intend to be something like that.

I guess I did explain why I didn't like the movie but I would like to know how to be a little more convincing, as subjective as art may be.

Monday, April 19, 2010

I'm feeling much better after this!

To steal an idea from Nathaniel,

this post has a soundtrack

I know it hasn't been THAT long but I'm nostalgic, OK?

Look who's back in.. one more character!! Pictures of the Mildred Pierce set have been publicized and are available at:

Two things.

1) The make-up people did a great job! Did you see her legs?

2) Why do they put ugly things in the newspaper? They're scaring her!!

Though I hope she is not in "repressed and depressed" mode once more, I was really happy when I saw the pictures. Don't you just love the path of the movie-going experience?

a)the director is attached to the project

b)the star(s) of the movie is attached

c)first pictures


f)we watch it!!

Well, it's not always exactly like that but you get my point.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sweet Home Athens

The trip will not happen. I got all excited for nothing. We have lost some money for nothing and might lose much more. But this will not be a sad post. As God is my witness, this will not be a sad post!

If I were in London I wouldn't be able to do what I can do here. Which might be a good thing. Who knows, right? Once Mother stops jumping from deppression to being angry and back, this house might become tolerable again.

The weather here is magnificent (probably better than in London) so I might go out and enjoy it. I will not have to torture my Cat by taking him to a friend's house and I don't have to pack. That's great news, right? Say yes, please!

I am planning to finish Lynch's The Straight Story and I hope the ending won't depress me.. much.

You don't want to know which movies I, now, associate with London.

Any way. To finish in the same way I started, tomorrow is another day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

London, Baby!

Mother's birthday is coming and her humble self succumbed to her diva self's need for glamour. She and I will be going to UK's lovely capital city for the first time since 2001. How marvelous!

Was that British enough? Anyway, we're leaving tomorrow and we'll be back on Wednesday. I hope we'll have a great time and killing each other is not what I mean.

Wild Celtic suggested some interesting ideas for what my next post should be about and a Lost-related post will surely come once the series is over. I don't have the time or energy for anyhting deeper than what I'm writing right now but I will try to write something interesting and original when I'm home again.

I have to say, I loved London the first time I was there and I'm curious to know if my opinion of it will change now that I'll experience it with my older eyes, ears, nose, mind etc.

Are there any movies you have associated with London for obvious or not so obvious reasons? Any suggestions on what I should not miss? Mother will have to agree, of course. And she probably WON'T. :p

I hope I'll come back alive and tell you all about how I stopped Ross from marrying Emily. Kisses!!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Video of the week

This is just brilliant.

I'm getting too lucky these days

First, Now, Voyager - 8/10

I keep watching good movies lately. It's not pure luck, since I had read recommendations, but it's certainly pure delight.

Now, Voyager impessed me with its script and Davis' performance which was note-perfect. She didn't even seem able to consider overacting. I loved how realistically happy the ending felt. It didn't blow my mind, so I can't give it a 9/10, but why ask for the moon. I have the stars.

Bette is holding a cigarette. Who would have thought?

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Supporting Actress predictions

I don't feel confident about any of these except Spacek.

Marion Cotillard - Inception
Julianne Moore - The Kids Are All Right
Sissy Spacek - Get Low
Saoirse Ronan - The Way Back
Keira Knightley - Never Let Me Go

I could easily score only 1/5 though I think Moore is also a strong possibility.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Am I still young? Not sure.

I am 24 but for some time now I feel like I can't consider myself young anymore. The diffult times (Was it easy so far??) seem very close and it's not a nice feeling.

I love this song but/because it depresses the hell out of me.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

It was dark alright. But what's wrong with that?

Dancer in the Dark is a great movie.

I loved everything in it. Perhaps I didn't see a reason for that lawyer to be accusing Bjork's character of hating America but there might be a good reason and even if not, it is only a little thing.

8/10 might seem kind of low compared to my comments but 8 for me is very good and it's almost a 9.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Glorious past

So, I saw The Letter and The Lady Eve. Both lovely. Davis and Stanwyck were terrific. Especially The Lady Eve is a film I could watch many times. So entertaining!

The Lady Eve - 8/10 (Perhaps Fonda's character was a bit unrealistically naive, but that's not very important. I just chose to believe it)

The Letter - 7/10 (That's good in my book)

Friday, April 2, 2010

The game is on again

I can't resist. Must. predict.

In this post I will try to predict next year's Best Actress Oscar nominees. It's a well-known and beloved game.

Carey Mulligan - Never Let Me Go
Nicole Kidman - Rabbit Hole
Annette Bening - The Kids Are All Right
Renee Zellweger - My Own Love Song
Hilary Swank - Betty Anne Waters

Where I hope I'm wrong?
Well, I probably want Rachel Weisz to be good in Agora and get another nod. It's certainly a possibility. I also want Keira Knightley to do the same two things in London Boulevard but I think she has to do something completely weird for the Academy to care again. Natalie Portman is another possibility for Black Swan but it's too soon to tell.

I don't know if Hathaway is supporting or not in Love and Other Drugs. If she is lead she probably gets in my predictions but from what I remember hearing, she is supporting.

I put Bening for The Kids because I think this is the Bening film that will have some success with the Academy. Like when they nominated Winslet for the movie that got the best picture nomination.

I'm not sure I put Kidman because of logic or sentiment but even though AMPAS seems to have forgotten all about her, this seems like a very baity role. The same (actually, only the last part) applies to Zellweger.

Oh and, Bening will win.

Mixed Blood

I have seen almost all the episodes of the first season of True Blood.

Is this two series in one or what? It's like the two leads are in one series (romantic in a boring way and totally cliche) and the supporting characters are in another (original, funny, interesting).

I totally hate Bill. Poorly written and acted. He is supposed to be unfairly treated, good-hearted, flawed (because he is a person like the rest of us despite being a vampire....) but what he really is, is a boring nobody who should actually go to jail because, well, he is a murderer. He is polite? Why is that to his credit? Most people are as polite as he is. He is mysterious? No more than a spider in the corner of my room. (Hey, get out of there)

Sookie is an ordinary girl with good manners and an open mind. Nothing really interesting in the concept nor in the writing. She is attracted to Bill because she can be herself when she is with him. Um, it's only because you can't hear his thoughts. Nothing more!!!

The other characters are the only thing that makes this series watchable. Sookie's brother, her friend Tara and her cousin are all interesting and we are able to care for them.

Does anyone have an opinion on the show? Have you seen the rest of it?