Friday, April 2, 2010

Mixed Blood

I have seen almost all the episodes of the first season of True Blood.

Is this two series in one or what? It's like the two leads are in one series (romantic in a boring way and totally cliche) and the supporting characters are in another (original, funny, interesting).

I totally hate Bill. Poorly written and acted. He is supposed to be unfairly treated, good-hearted, flawed (because he is a person like the rest of us despite being a vampire....) but what he really is, is a boring nobody who should actually go to jail because, well, he is a murderer. He is polite? Why is that to his credit? Most people are as polite as he is. He is mysterious? No more than a spider in the corner of my room. (Hey, get out of there)

Sookie is an ordinary girl with good manners and an open mind. Nothing really interesting in the concept nor in the writing. She is attracted to Bill because she can be herself when she is with him. Um, it's only because you can't hear his thoughts. Nothing more!!!

The other characters are the only thing that makes this series watchable. Sookie's brother, her friend Tara and her cousin are all interesting and we are able to care for them.

Does anyone have an opinion on the show? Have you seen the rest of it?


  1. I've actually never seen it so I am passing this post onto my friend, Katie, who is a True Blood fan. Something to do with vampires and blood...and truth, I presume? Ha.

  2. Here is Katie's response: (She knows how to work facebook, but not so much blogs.)

    "April 2 at 6:23pm
    My thoughts are read the books. Bill as a character in the series is boring and without much depth but as i read the series i was also in love with bill the first book he loses his appeal to the reader as the series progresses because he also loses his appeal to the heroine. I also believe sookie was written as a normal girl with an extraordinary ability and goes through these extraordinary experiences to show the drama and make people connect with the character. As in all things her character develops as the books go on. I do like the HBO series but as i have read all the books i am not sure how to judge it as a stand alone work."

  3. Thank you Wild Celtic and Katie! I was thinking about reading the books before watching the series but then I didn't :p

    I might give them a try. And I like the series even if it pisses off sometimes.