Thursday, June 24, 2010

The dependables: Hitchcock and Pixar

I watched two films and I'm here to talk about them blah blah (I'm not very imaginative :p)

The 39 Steps

I love Hitchcock and it would be really hard for me not to enjoy this movie but I have to say I was a bit underwhelmed. I liked it but I found it more of a technically successful film than a strong experience. I would have liked to care more about the romance and the mystery wasn't that engaging. Still, a good movie.


Toy Story 3

No, you're not on a different blog. That's me commenting on a new film!

Well, I can't say my life has changed or that I'm still crying like a baby (or Big Baby) but I sure enjoyed it. It was witty, funny, pretty to look at, touching and careful about details (script- and animation-wise). I have a few problems with the use of story tricks (like it's the only Pixar movie using formulas..) such as "we're going to make the good guy help the bad one but the bad one is going to..." etc but on the whole I thought it was pretty good.



  1. I give Toy Story 3 a 9/10. It was fantastic. I admit to crying at the end, SO uncool. All the little kids skipping around with their popcorn and I'm holding a tissue, walking out into the sunshine wishing I had thought to bring my sunglasses to hide the fact that a movie made me so emotional! ha ha. Oh, well. I still enjoyed it a lot, it was wonderfully done.

  2. Yeah, that was many people's reaction. I'm glad tou had a good, tearful time :)

    I have to say that I would have been more moved if it wasn't for the stupid kids in the theater. They were sooo annoying!!

    I suppose you loved the short film, right?

  3. I agree. I felt bad being in a rated "G" movie wishing there were less kids around! But Toy Story 3 is for my generation, not theirs! Half of the kids had no idea who Buzz Lightyear was much less why things were funny. Plus, kids in the US are so unruly, it's truly atrocious. Some parents seem to have no idea how to parent anymore and the kids were running around like it was Lord Of the Flies, AMC version. Anyway..

    I did like the short film. At first I thought it strange, but then I really got into it. Such a wonderful message!! My parents totally didn't understand it but I thought it was great. What did you think?

  4. Much love for The 39 Steps - one of my favorite Hitchcocks until Vertigo blew my mind:)

    Looks like i'm gonna be the last one to see Toy Story 3 at this rate haha

    How is Greece James and out of interest, what's your real name?

  5. Wild Celtic - Re: Day & Night. At first it seemed to me like it was going to be a "clever for the sake of cleverness" thing but then I started being really impressive by its wit and at the end I was like "this is a masterpiece!". I really liked the trajectory (smart and funny slowly becoming emotional). I'm not sure the voice declaring the message was really necessary but I didn't mind. I gave it a 9/10 only because I haven't seen that many short animated films and I suppose there is one out there to which I'll be able to give it a perfect score with all my heart.

    Burning Reels - Still haven't seen the whole movie (Vertigo)! I know...

    I watched a new movie before you?? That's really not like me :p

    Greece is... a great place for people all over the world to visit! You want the truth? Things are bad.

    My name is T; Dimitris T ;)

  6. I really liked the short, agreed that it is a masterpiece. I think sometimes they have to spell out the message (the declaring voice) because even with that, people don't understand the message. (My parents didn't get it at all. The didn't get Fantastic Mister Fox, either, bless them.)

    Been meaning to see Vertigo myself. I think Jimmy Stewart is in it and I adore his films.

    Way to go watching a film before Burning Reels! That is a difficult feat to accomplish, indeed. He's very well versed in cinema.

    I'm sorry to hear things are bad in Greece. How are you faring? Well, I hope.

    Dude, Dimitris is a really cool name! Is that really your name? I'd go by that all the time. Where'd you come up with 'James'? I'm not really called Wild Celtic...I know, I know that would be cool if that was my real name but I usually just go by Meaghan. But Dimitris T is way cooler.

  7. Well, I'm OK so far but I'm not loving the idea of what the future will bring. Oh, screw that. I'll feel bad when it's time. Not earlier ;)

    Dimitris (officially Dimitrios) is not uncommon in Greece. Do you know/remember goddess Demeter (you might know her as Ceres which is the Latin equivalent)?

    James, I think, is the english equivalent of Dimitrios. Thanks for liking it? You make it seem more exotic than it is :p

    By the way, I have connected in my mind Wild Celtic with Loreena McKennitt because of celtic music. I hope you are OK with the connection :)