Thursday, July 1, 2010

Some things are not great throughout but who's perfect?

So, I was watching New York, New York the other.. 4 days and I was thinking about not finishing it.

"James, you have to start punishing these movies that don't make you really care right from the beginning", I was saying to myself. But I decided to watch the whole thing.

I'm glad I did. The last 30 minutes were powerful enough to make me say it was worth my patience. Well, it's not like everything before was a total bore. It just didn't feel as interesting as I'd like it to. It was well-made but I thought it was kind of.. nice instead of exciting.

I had heard great things about Minnelli in this movie and I'm happy to say they're all true! Perhaps I didn't adore her but I thought she was very precise, funny and moving.



  1. Those are two people that I greatly associate with New York City. Love DeNiro...something about that guy just draws you in. I haven't seen much with Liza, though. Glad you stuck it out!

  2. I think you should see this. You will probably like it even more than I did. Do you like musicals in general? Besides Phantom, that is :p

    I'd love it if they made a movie out of Les Miz! But with really great singers.

  3. I've never read that play or seen in on stage. Meant to when I was in New York City, but went to see Chicago instead. If I'd had the time, I would have stayed on Broadway the whole week watching the theatre!

    There was buzz back in October of 2009 that Cameron Mackintosh was going to start production of a large musical film for Les Miserables starting in 2011 or 2012. Hugh Jackman was inquiring about a role, I heard.

    I do like musicals but on a selective basis. Phantom, of course, is my φαβορί but I also like others. I watched a fair amount of them in childhood but I rarely get around to them now, which is a shame.

    Why would I like New York, New York more so than you, a notorious film critic?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. So that's how you spell "this post was removed by the author" in Greek! I always wondered. Ha.

    I used Google for "φαβορί." I'm just that Internet savvy. You make the effort to write in English so I thought it'd be nice to make the effort to write in Greek. Well....copy and paste, but still.

    Why does everyone say I'm a romantic?? Maybe I should write more articles about Terminator and Rambo.

  6. You're the sweetest even if it was copy-paste :)

    Caring about the romance isn't necessarily the same as being a romantic. You have said you're an empathetic person so I think you'll feel for them.

    And yeah, I really don't like the fact that they autimatically put Greek as the language of the blog. It probably turns some people off. I don't mean you have a problem with it. I do.

  7. OMG! Where did my previous comment go? Grrrr