Monday, August 23, 2010

Inception review (Spoilers)

So, is Inception the pretentious version of Avatar? I think so. I also think it's a little better because pretentiousness can be interesting.

The reason I'm making the comparison is that both movies, for me, are trying to be epics with a heart. I didn't feel the heart beating and the "epic" nature isn't really my thing most of the time.

What makes Inception more pretentious is that it stives for sophistication but ending up achieving nothing more than complication. Nolan didn't bother touching the world of dreams. He was fine with just playing with it.

Cobb's Personal Tragedy was just too hollow to make me care since I didn't see how it was anything more than "I lost my wife. I blame myself. I punish myself. I have now found the strength to Let Go." Yeah.. so? Did it have to be surrounded by "cute" rules and "dreamy" worlds? Was the context of the relationship supposed to make the feeling deeper or the experience more fun and less depressing?

By the way, I really like DiCaprio but I was frustrated by him in this movie. Just show some raw emotion for god's sake! Make me feel you're in pain!

The attempts for laughs should have just not been attempted.

It wasn't as bad as I make it seem but really, it needed improvement in every aspect.

I was about to give it a 6/10 but I don't think I want to. Take a 5/10 and go to (a dreamless) sleep. You don't even get a tag.


  1. Really? That's too bad. I really enjoyed it, liked having different concepts to think about,how the layers interacted with one another. I thought the opposite, but I respect your opinion. I don't really get the Avatar/Inception correlation but to each their own. :)

  2. I made the comparison because both movies, to me, felt like they were trying to move me as well as impress me and they both failed at the former.

    I totally get why a person could like it but for me it was soulless and more "just fun" than I wanted it to be.

    I watched Inception before watching The Earrings of Madame de... but I'm glad I marked my return with the latter because that way I won't seem like I'm cranky for being back :p

  3. Hi James T,

    I see I'm not the only one who's got a combination music/movie blog!

    I like your banner picture from Sophies choice. I really like that film.

    To me Inception had many interesting ideas. The problem for me was the overall pace of the movie didn't allow me to breathe and consider these tacit ideas.

    I feel Inception works best as an entertaining thrill ride, which Nolan in interviews has said was his goal.

    I agree Inception lacked heart.I wouldn't give it 5/10, maybe 7.5, was very good for suspense like Dark knight.

    You compare Avatar to Inception. I saw similarities between Avatar and Blade runner.

    You can read my review of Inception, and Blade runner on my blog, if you like:

  4. By the way. If you want all your blog layout to be in English? You know, you can change this in blogger, go to: Dashboard – settings – formatting – language

    I'll try and become follower, but tricky with the language

  5. Thanks for the tip (I made the change) and for commenting!

    To be honest, I can't call Inception "fun" either. I felt tired after watching it.