Thursday, October 13, 2011

Movies again

I'm really sick and angry! Mostly because I'm sick.
Which is why I'm writing - to feel better.

I watched some movies recently and I want to share some thoughts on some of them.


Powerful, with great style, unique, yet a bit morally confused.

A Separation

Complex, honest and revealing about human nature. Hard to find a flaw.


It makes you understand that lust can be a destructive thing if you're not lucky in regard to who inspires it in you.

The Artist

Smart, funny and moving homage to an era with some welcome specific references. But... not always interesting.


Pretty proud of itself even if it knows some will mock it.  As you're watching it you might expect only to have a little fun (if that) but it's entirely possible to end up moved and generally impressed.


Pretty ambitious and eccentric (well, von Trier...duh) yet not messy. Realtionships are tested by ordinary (a wedding) and extraordinary (the possibility of the end of the planet) occasions providing very interesting and aesthetically pleasing results.

The Way We Were

Bittersweet story that feels a bit dated in its realization yet it's pragmatic enough that, with a little (or a lot of) help from Barbra's very good performance, it manages to have a soul.

Sansho the Bailiff

 So simple that you might not even notice how hard it is to make a movie that doesn't seem to have any unnecessary moments or to do anything wrong during its necessary ones, which as is obvious, comprise the whole movie. It fully earns its morally didactic nature (and not only because it's supposed to be a fairy tale), as does our tears.


I'm not going to review Diary of a Country Priest because I didn't watch it properly.

I am going to say that it's certainly compelling and that I intend to see it again some time. 

Letter From An Unknown Woman 

What I said about Beauty but replace "lust" with "love". Painfully wonderful.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Something about it felt unorganized and not deliberately so, yet its depiction of such a strange relationship and its powerful finale make it worth the effort. Thank you Tilda!


And finally, I loved Senna! I don't know if it's pefect or I was just touched by the man and his myth that much, but I think it's an amazing film. Some people can't fully connect to others because it's like they're living in their own, magical world, yet they connect all of us.


  1. Interesting the one from South Africa. A few films I don't know here, thanks for sharing.

    I agree, Letter From An Unknown Woman is a gem ( :

    Didn't realize "We Need to Talk About Kevin" was out yet, I guess you saw it at a film festival, its been forever delayed like that other one called Margaret with a young matt damon, I have a feeling both will be mediocre if the studios are so tentative

  2. Hey, I liked Kevin ;)

    I don't think the delaying means anything about the quality. You should check out Kevin even if I can't guarantee you'll like it. It's divisive. I have heard mixed thinks about Margaret too.

    But really, all of the films I mentioned are worth watching, in my opinion.

    (Sorry for the delayed answer)