Thursday, December 2, 2010

Something important!

In a limitless Universe such as the one we live in (but if it is limitless how can there be room for another one? anyway), everything that happens is as significant and insignificant as anything else.
Choosing to think only about the former adjective, I feel obliged to inform my readers that something very important and NASA-unrelated thing is about to happen. In about five minutes I will be 25 years old!
You heard me! One quarter of a century will be put behind me. I'm so curious to see what's ahead!
If you are over 25 celebrate with me! We rule!


  1. Congrats on turning 25 !

    Thanks for sharing "Random Harvest" on your blog, I was very impressed by that film. I will have a review up soon, so you might want to stop by sometime and see if you agree!

    Also added Dark Victory (1939) to my to-see-list, the trailer looks interesting ( :

  2. I'll always be older but non the wiser:)