Sunday, May 23, 2010

The end of an era

No, I will not stop writing. :p

What ends is an amazing journey that goes by the name "Lost".

Tonight! It! ENDS!

My feelings?

:( + Excited + Anxious


  1. Me, too, James. Me, too. I'm watching the finale in a moment, I could almost cry. I probably will!!! Tslk to you again once we've both watched it. I'd like to hear your thoughts

  2. Least I won't have to hear all you geeks asking me if I watch it now;)

  3. Funny, funny Burning Reels. :) Now we'll just be asking if you've rented it on DVD yet! Geeks never give up

    James T--have you watched it yet? I've just decided to write a post about it. I don't want to--I feel almost slighted by the ending of Lost-but that's the only format I can think of to exchange thoughts on what happened.

    Did I love it or hate it?! I'm unsure. I loved every moment up until the finale... Hmmmmm. Not sure.

  4. I was afraid to see the comments since I haven't seen it yet!! I'm so angry. I hope I'll see it soon.

    I have tried to stay away from everything related to Lost until I watch the finale. I told you I would write about the whole series and I hope it will happen.

    I guess I'll have to stay away from your site too :p
    You're all punishing me :p

  5. Welllllllllllllllllllllll????? James. Have you seen it yet?

  6. You're right. I'm late. I wanted to feel I'm in good form. I hope you'll enjoy it and hope I'm not just stating the obvious in my analysis.