Saturday, May 8, 2010

This is what happened tonight

So, I finally saw the famous It Happened One Night and I really liked it.

One thing I need to say is that there is a Greek movie (circa 1965) that is almost a copy-paste of the film i just watched.

It really says something that I enjoyed the film despite having the feeling I've already seen all that. I don't think the direction was anything special but the film probably only needed the director to stay out of its way. The performances were great (I couldn't believe the way Colbert handled each and every moment!) and they served a really funny and smart script.

It was a witty and warm movie that seemed too simplistic to be good but I guess that is part of the magic of art.

One thing: It's really more funny than something that I didn't like, but the editing at one or two moments was embarrassing. I've seen it in other old films too and there is probably a reason for that but I really thought it was kind of a cute flaw.

I give it a 8/10

"Oh, yeah?"


  1. I also made my maiden visit to this wonderful film within the last few months.

    Colbert was brilliantly dry!

    On your ratings, this would be a 9/10 for me;)

  2. One of the thins that held me back was that I've seen that story a million times. It's not the movie's fault, of course.

  3. Yes, that is the problem with watching old influential film - one has already seen the influenced!

    And ultimately you respect more than love the original.