Sunday, September 19, 2010

H apoliti (the ultimate one)

So, in case tou didn't know, and why would you, I adore Anna Vissi. Born in Cyprus, she moved to Greece with her family to pursue a career as a singer. Well, she kinda made it. For many years now she is considered the number one star in Greece. I haven't been a fan for as long as many others have, but I'm a big one and here is why:

This is one of her most famous ballads. The title means "I don't want tou to know" and perhaps you, as well, don't want to know. Well, the lyrics aren't supposed to make you smile :p

Let's visit a more recent performance. The title means "The pain of love". Yep, I prefer the sad ones but it's mostly because they let her show her range and power.

Not wanting to change the mood, here is one more "Love is hard so let's all embrace the sadness" song. At least I changed the era again! Title: Whatever you ask of me.

These two songs (more like "parts of the songs") were sang the one next to the other but the video is cut in two. Titles: "Things" and "I paralyse"

(Sorry about the tasteless ending of the second one!)

This is one of the first live performances of Anna I fell in love with! Title: Gas (Not the one we use for cars but the one.. whatever)

(That's right, they're getting bigger, just like your enthusiasm for her. I hope..)

And now, her signature song. The one she always sings whenever she is on a stage, a table, a chair, a camel etc Title: "12" (aka midnight)

Thank you Anna for everything!

(I hope these videos will not be down after a while..)

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