Tuesday, September 28, 2010

A look at the Oscar race

So, I thought, why not make some predictions for the Oscars? Yeah, sometimes you ask yourself things like that.

I'd like to share my thoughts on the Best Picture race so I'll predict the nominees in the Director category. Yes, that's the true top 5 movies for me :p


Tom Hooper, The King's Speech

David Fincher, The Social Network

Danny Boyle, 127 Hours

John Cameron's Mitchelle, Rabbit Hole

The Coen Bros, True Grit

That's it for now. I wanted to predict the Actress and Supporting Actress categories as well but I don't have any interesting insights. I mean, in the Actress category I agree with what most people say and in the Supp Actress category I have no idea what will happen.

But I do think Bening (The Kids Are All Right) and Helena Bonham Carter (The King's Speech) are locked in the Actress and the Supp Actress categories respectively.

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