Saturday, September 18, 2010

I didn't fall in love after all but at least the kids are indeed fine

No introduction.. (unless that counts as one)

I Am Love

I don't think I have something to say about this film (or any film?) that hasn't been said before but just so you know, I'm with the people who thought that the movie is beautiful but quite soulless. I mean, I just didn't care much. Nothing really wrong but nothing really captivating. The characters did things that others have done in the past and there wasn't something in the script original enough to make me appreciate the photography or the music or the art direction or...
It did, however, please my senses and that's something but it wasn't enough. Tilda was good but I much prefer her in Julia mode.


The Kids Are All Right

I'm too lazy to post all my thoughts on this one but the fact alone that it made me think many things is to its credit. Most of the jokes were forced and predictable but the universal truths this seemingly anorthodox family made me think about, were a pretty rewarding element. The characters felt real and that's why I cared a lot about what would happen to them. There was room for more digging in the relationships territory but this movie didn't care to explore much more than the similarities between a gay family and a straight one which is far from a crime.
Bening and Wasikowska were excellent. The rest were pretty good, too.


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