Thursday, September 16, 2010

You give me my time back!

Well, if you needed a reason not to think it's almost impossible for me to like a movie, I'm afraid I won't give you one right now.

Please Give is a failure. It raises some questions, yes. But that's not that hard, is it? It has no depth, its wit is limited if not mostly absent and any good idea there is in Miss Holofcener's mind that needs to get to us, just loses its way resulting in awkward scenes.

There is always something that doesn't work and it's kind of frustrating to feel that "this" or "that" could have had an impact if handled more carefully.

Rebecca Hall gives an excellent performance but she deserved a much better film.

It's sad, because the film belongs to a genre that I really admire.

5/10 (almost a 4/10)


  1. I quite liked aspects of Lovely and Amazing but didn't think much of Friends With Money.

    I'll still probably see this but it's not on my urgent list.

  2. I haven't seen the former but I remember liking the latter more than this one. Then again, I was seeing movies differently back then.

    I don't think it's on anyone's urgent list but people seem to like it in a "it's OK" way. But I don't even think it's OK.

    Meaningless is the word I find most appropriate even if I kind of respected the intentions.

    Tomorrow I'm watching I Am Love and the day after tomorrow The Kids Are Allright. I hope I'll like them much more.

    And you seem to have to Dogtooth the same reaction I had to The Piano Teacher (I ended up liking it a lot) though this conversation should take place at your blog ;)

    Nice to hear from you again.

  3. Friends With Money gave me that 'meaningless' feeling too - Lovely & Amazing is certainly worth a watch.

    Excellent, hopefully I'll be seeing I Am Love soon myself. Jealous of your upcoming Kids Are All Right screening - need to see that one.

    Ah yes, the Piano Teacher is a good example of that type of film. Have you seen Dogtooth yet?

    And of course feel free to comment on my blog about anything and everything:)

  4. Shame on you! My grade for Dogtooth is right on the, um.. right. You don't read all my posts, huh? :p

    I totally understand why you feel that way about Dogtooth and I have to say, it seems kind of weird that I only gave it a 7/10, since I thought it was brilliant but depressing or very raw movies need extra thought to decide whether it was worth it or not and some times you just can't really say "I loved it".

  5. Haha sorry, I'm guessing the reason I didnt read it or take note, is I tend to stay away from heavily anticipated films.

    Yep, I actually watched it a second time for a little clarity - to use your ratings, at the moment I'm leaning towards about an 8 or 8.5 out of 10.

    As for the ending, do you think she got out? or could get out but didn't?

  6. I'm glad you mentioned this. I thought I knew the answer but then I read or heard something that made me believe I might be wrong.

    I thought she died in there. From bleeding or something? But it doesn't make much sense. It's just that I was like "Why do you show this for so long when she isn't getting out?"
    It was the only explanation I could give.

  7. I think the reason for the long shot was 1, for the tension and 2, for the open interpretation.

    My personal feeling is maybe even if she knew how to get out, she wouldn't, due to her obiedience and reliance on the parents.

    But I read an interesting thought that this shot and the boot of the car represented the egg or womb and a rebirth for the character, where she would get out (breaking through the egg/womb/boot) and begin her life as a fresh.

    I'm not sure but I like reading the different interpretations.