Friday, October 1, 2010

Don't go to the mall. This little shop is all you need

I have to clarify that Little Shop of Horrors is a lovely movie.

The script is sweet, witty, creepy and just very entertaining.

Howard Ashman was a god and he did an excelent job with the story.

The songs, written by Ashman and composed by Alan Menken are mostly great.

I watched this film about ten years ago and re-watched it yesterday.

I'm sooo in love with "Skid Row" and "Suddenly Seymour"!! They're marvelous.

If you haven't watched this piece of extreme fun yet... do it asap!

It's just amazing how this musical isn't silly! Everything in it screams "silly" but it knows exactly what it's doing. It's like cuteness had sex with creepiness and they had a beautiful baby!

To illustrate how smart this movie is: Naive characters don't bore us and ugly situations don't upset us! And all that on purpose!

I've practically built a temple for all of us to go and worship the movie, so it might seem strange that I only gave it a 7/10.
Well, it's close to a 8/10 but the important thing is that the grade is a comparison to all the other movies. For what it tries to do, this movie is probably a 9/10 which means that it's more successful than most movies. But it's not much more than "just" fun so I couldn't really give it a higher grade. Of course, the grading only matters if you want to think about it. You don't really care while watching it. You're just really happy with what you're experiencing. And that's all that counts!

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