Thursday, March 4, 2010

I love animated films but...

Sometimes I just don't get people. And it's usually the other way around.

Why do so many people think Up is great? I'd say it's not even good. Well, it's almost good. Do they like the fact that it's about an old man? Do they like the balloons? The fact that the balloons make the house fly? The big bird? The little kid? The Schwarzenegger-like dogs? What? WHAT? I'd say the big bird was the most interesting thing and the colors were nice but the movie is oooooveeerrATED!

If someone loves it and cares to explain why, please go ahead and do it!

"Hey James, how can you resist me?


  1. I know the feeling. Movies can unite us but they can also make us feel alone. :p

  2. Hi there. I did really like "UP."
    It took me a little bit to get into it, though, because the first part where he lost his wife is heartbreaking! Though what I really enjoyed was the fantasy adventure of it, the bright colors, the spirit of never giving up, always having hope, unconditional love, attaining your dreams in a world that tells you your dreams can't be a reality. There he was, in the middle of a big city, being told to go ahead and go to a nursing home, give it up, his dream was over. Then the little kid in him said, "watch this, it's not over until it's over." I loved the message of this film.

  3. Welcome Wild Celtic!

    I think that my problem wih the movie was that the formula (which is present in most Pixar movies) was more obvious than in the other movies. I couldn't really connect to the characters and I didn't laugh a lot.

  4. Thank you, James. :) I agree that the formula was fairly obvious. The bit when they meet up with the "bad guy" and all of his evil talking dogs did seem forced.
    That being said, even without the laughter I enjoyed the film. It wasn't at all what I was expecting. It seems more like a social commentary than their other work. I could be off base there entirely.

  5. I don't care about being on or off base! You have ideas! That's the most useful thing for me.

  6. Cool! This will be a blog I enjoy very much then. :) I love sharing ideas! Especially if they are different from mine. They usually make for the most interesting and informative discussions.