Thursday, March 25, 2010

Shut up, just shut up.

You had me at "hello"

It's a 8/10, by the way. I watched it yesterday for the first time.


  1. It's late James - I can't think. Which film are you referring to?!

  2. For some reason "show me the money" is the most famous line in the movie. Yes, it's Jerry Maguire :p

  3. Ah ok, not seen this for a while but yes, charming film:)

    Favorite Tom Cruise film/performance?

  4. I haven't watched his films that are considered masterpieces or close to. Born on the Fourth of July for example.

    I really liked him in Maguire, Magnolia and Collateral.

  5. I think I would rank my favorite of his performance as:

    01 Magnolia
    02 Rain Man
    03 Born on the Fourth of July
    04 Jerry Maguire
    05 Risky Business