Sunday, March 7, 2010

I'm watching it! I'm here to prove it

2:16am (Greece time)

Well, we're in the red carpet zone.

I liked Anthony Mackie's nasty comment about Avatar.

Cameron thinks he's going to win. Poor guy.


Meryl looks great in white. In black too. And yellow.

Dammit! Why are people pretending Clooney is still interesting in the red carpet?


Will I live to see Mirren looking ugly-old? I don't think so.

Kristen Stewart looks bored once again. Is it plastic surgery or just how she feels?


Sarah Jessica Parker was born to be on red carpets! It's her land.


Miley Cyrus talks as if she is 40. She's pretty cool, actually. First surprise of the night.


The Godess has arrived!

I kind of don't like the dress. But who cares? She is beautiful.


Dammit! (again) Now I have to take that first "dammit" back because I realized why people think Clooney is still interesting. Because he is. I really liked what he said about how they know who's gonna win and how much a nomination is good for the career of a good, but not yet recognized actor.


The introduction was funny but kind of embarrassing! For Clooney, at least.

Why are the clips so long? I like it!


It's Waltz. Obviously. Deserved. Nice speech.


UP won. Of course I knew it would but I'm still disappointed.


Boal for The Hurt Locker! Yes! Yes!! Yes!!!


Lovely tribute to John Hughes!

Macaulay Culkin used to look exactly like me. We aged quite differently.


I did not just watch that!! The man (co-winner of the best short doc award) began to speak but they put music. Embarrassiiiing!


Stiller was pretty cool!


Precious for best adapted screenplay!! Wow! Thank God. I loved the kind-of-a-speech! The reactions too! Steve Martin drove it to perfection!


Mo'Nique, you. are. the. (wo)man! Performance, not politics. Exactly. The rest of the speech was nice in her sweet-angry way.


Avatar guys bore me. No, I was not that moved, sorry.


Wow! Sandy Powell rocks! Great speech.


Why do I think I'm loving this year's Oscars?


The Hurt Locker wins everything!! Kathryn looks so happy!


I liked the tribute to the people who passed awat lat year but they really should hold the applaud for the end. It's not a competition between the dead.


Glasses make Sam Worthington look even less talented.


"Avatar is a movie about learning to see the world in a new way" or something. Really? No, thank you.


It's official. The Hurt Locker IS 2009's best motion picture. Alright, not yet. Tecnically...


El Secreto de sus Ojos wins. Not totally surprising but still, it beat some strong competition.


I'm happy for Jeff but, this speech is just too boring.


It's over and I feel gooood! I didn't want Sandra to win but that speech made me happy that she did. And of course, I am very happy for Kathryn and The Hurt Locker!

That's all folks.


  1. Nice little commentary James:)

    Agree about the applauding with the In Memoriam section - maybe they should of drowned out the audience for that part and although I enjoyed the James Taylor song, it was a little distracting, as I was semi-following his vocal performance as well as trying to reminisce!

  2. Thank you!!

    I really did it for myself but I'm sooo happy even one person read it!

  3. It's important to salute the smaller blogs too:)

    Where abouts you from/based?

  4. I live in Athens, where I was born.
    I just thought it would be nice to have a place in the web where I can express my thoughts on movies as well as other things and if there are people who care to comment on them, well, that would be even cooler :p

  5. Excellent..your English is far superior to my Greek haha

    Yep, I perfectly understand - me and a friend have just begun a similar blog adventure

    I'm gonna get some sleep!

    Speak soon,