Friday, March 5, 2010

Lady and the Tramp

I need to see Judi Dench and Jack Nicholson in movies now! And I don't need small roles. Enough of that. They're leading actors for God's sake! They're not getting any younger, so someone has to give them something good right. this. second.

It would be even cooler if they were in the same movie and yes, I mean as a couple. Or two people in love who don't end up as a couple. Whatever. Sex scenes would be appreciated.

Just to be clear. Nancy Meyers, stay away from them!

"You don't love me, do you?"

"I'm too cool for that"


  1. Well Jack is back with James L Brooks - not sure how that will turn out, but here's hoping!

  2. Yes, I had read about it but I share your lack of enthusiasm :(

  3. I remember some rumour was once started about him possibly working with Paul Thomas Anderson - probably won't happen but that I would like to see...still reckon he has maybe one more big performance left in him (and thus Oscar) but time is ticking...

  4. That would be fantastic! Sometimes I really wish rumours could come true :p

  5. Speaking of great actors, are you a Jeff Bridges fan James?

    Just written a little piece on him on my blog:)