Thursday, March 18, 2010

In case you hadn't heard of him..

Yesterday, I saw Thirst (very good) and I really loved the music. It was composed by Yeong-wook Jo, who is also the composer of the other, supposedly great, (I haven't seen it) Chan-wook Park film, Oldboy.

Is anyone familiar with his work? Based on Thirst alone, I think he is veeery talented.


  1. I'm not as mad on his work than some but the look of his films are always startling...i'm sure you'd enjoy Oldboy James:)

    I was a little tired when I saw Thirst but the ending still lingers in my mind...

  2. The ending and the scene where he makes her a vampyre. That was so powerful! Did you like the music?

  3. Yeah but I cant really remember it that well to be honest...i remember agreeing with Nathaniel that the use of sound was excellent.