Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lost in the way

Why has it come down to Good vs Evil (as if we've never seen that before) when this (ex?) fantastic show was supposed to dig deeper than that and present the complexity of the human nature?

I hope they know what they're doing.


  1. Confession: Never watched Lost!..i missed the first season or two so never bothered...I think it's the same for most TV series' unless you watch them from the start or are willing to put in the effort to catch up on previous it finishing for good soon then?

  2. This season (the sixth) is the final one.

    You definitely have to watch it and, as you said, from the beginning. Especially in the case of Lost, it is important that you start from the very first episode.

  3. By the way, is it always Sean who posts here?

  4. So far yes...I guess calling a commenter Burning Reels isnt too catchy!

    Kev has two jobs at the moment (including working at our town's independent cinema) so is quite busy but i'm sure he'll start posting soon

    Ok, well maybe i'll catch up with Lost in 6 years or something haha

    What other American (past or present) TV series' do/did you enjoy?

  5. Too many to count. Friends, Sex..City, House MD and... and.....

    I loved a not so successful series, Jack & Bobby.